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Tip: Use a Layer Mask Instead of the Eraser

There are as many different ways to cut stuff out and knock stuff out as there are postcards in the wild, but this one is my fave. You see this little icon here?

It looks like this:

When you click this, your layer gets a white box. With that white box selected, you can work some magic.

Select the brush tool with black as your active foreground colour, and you can “erase” parts of your layer. Switch to white to restore what’s been removed.

This is a great way to isolate parts of a picture without losing any information or to knock out a background without it becoming permanent.

In this case, I’m using a layer with a mask to separate the flowers from the rest of the card so I can offer them as their own element. I like to run several layers for different steps in the restoration process AND for the end product.

Ta-da! Enjoy and have fun.

~ Mel

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