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Gee Whiz! Old Car Postcard

An old Buick (new at the time), some fancy dress… what’s not to love? Just don’t run him over yet, ladies. This postcard is from the early 1900s! See you all next week! Ta-ta for now, Mel P.S. To save, right-click on this image and hit ‘save as’. You can then choose where you want […]

Little Girl With Bouquet

This is one of my favourite real photo postcards. The little girl’s stance, the way she holds the bouquet, her sort of bored expression—and the overall composition! It’s a lovely image. Real photo postcards are neat because they allowed anyone with a camera to make their own custom postcards. Imagine getting a postcard in the […]

Wedding Bride & Groom

Remember how I said last week that this card collection I purchased had a lot of wedding and bridal shower pieces? I wasn’t kidding! This vintage graphic is a happy bride and groom, with part of the bride’s dress made of glitter. Yes, really. You may be surprised at how often glitter shows up among […]