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Shopify Launches NFT Platform and I Run Away Screaming

You’ll likely notice that the shop has shifted to Etsy for the time being after all the work that went into setting up on Shopify.

Well. There’s good reason.

Since cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and related things have become more and more of a Problem I’ve found that I really dislike them. NFTs are especially irritating, as there’s this idea that some folks in that market have that the blockchain is going to enable creators to do things they couldn’t! Great things! Amazing things!

Except… that’s not true.

Artists have always been able to sell their art and sell their services as artists. The act of commissioning an artist to create something is as old as humanity itself. Taking a piece of art and sticking the link to it in a blockchain isn’t doing anything unique or special or that benefits an artist more than just goddamn employing them.

On top of the arrogance of the crypto movement is the environmental damage that “mining” for the currency creates: it’s bad. It’s very bad. Etherium uses enough energy to power Libya. The impact gets worse as the currencies grow in value and more computers get added to the number that are “mining” to create more tokens.

Fast-forward to this week. Shopify’s powers-that-be tweeted that Shopify would be getting into the NFT marketplace and I… immediately shut down my Shopify store and pulled the plug.

I can’t support that move. I can’t support something that uses so much energy on a great big nothingburger. This power isn’t going toward heating homes or providing clean water or feeding and housing the poor—it’s going toward the world’s most useless math problem.

It sucks, but I’ll deal. The Etsy page will get more things added to it and I’ll build another store on this site using the tools that I have. Shopify was an extra cost that I didn’t really need.

You can find the Etsy store by clicking here or by clicking on the shop button in the main menu. If you like what I do but aren’t interested in buying any files, you can support my work by donating on my Ko-fi or through Linktree.

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