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Little Girl With Bouquet

This is one of my favourite real photo postcards.

The little girl’s stance, the way she holds the bouquet, her sort of bored expression—and the overall composition! It’s a lovely image. Real photo postcards are neat because they allowed anyone with a camera to make their own custom postcards. Imagine getting a postcard in the mail and it’s of a beloved friend! People were able to take their memories and share them in truly special ways.

Not that the things we can do with photos nowadays aren’t special. I wonder what those earlier photographers would think of being able to have their work on a piece of clothing, or to have it up on a wall without spending a lot of money?

I think it may be time to write a post about these things… so cool!

Anyway, tune in next week for another piece from my collection. Have you used any of these images so far to make something? If you have, you should contact me and show me what you’ve done! Comment below with a link to your work.

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