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What I do here at Wild Magic Designs isn’t common, and there are bound to be a few questions. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact me and ask—I typically respond within 24 hours. If your question is entertaining enough or I get it a lot, it may find its way onto this page.

What is the Membership option?

Signing up to my Ko-fi as a member allows you to access all my files without paying anything extra. Instead of buying each one on its own, pay $9.99/mo. and get the chance to download all of them, even the printables. Printables are available to supporters on my Ko-fi, too.

Why didn’t I get my file?

Ah, the web gremlins are at it again. If you didn’t get your file, contact me with your full name and your order number. I’ll fix the problem and make sure that you can access your downloads.

As for the why: I messed up somewhere. Sorry!

I think that’s my grandpa on your website. What can I do?

That depends: do you want the digital images taken down? Do you want to receive the originals? Do you just want to tell me all about his adventures?

We recognize that sometimes the images we receive from auctions were not supposed to be sold—I actually sought out the daughter of the deceased in one case when I received one lady’s school projects from the 1930s. In my research I’d found that this lady passed away during the early stages of the pandemic. Knowing what I do about the auction process, I reached out to the daughter and it turned out that she hadn’t realized those items had been listed!

In the event that you find your family’s cherished photos on this site I ask that you e-mail me with the link to where you found them, as well as some information to help me positively identify you. I want to be absolutely sure before I send things to people, you understand. I will happily remove the images from the store and send you the originals.

Of course, if you find your family’s photos here and want to just share some information and maybe get copies for your own records, I’m happy to help with that, too. Knowledge is a form of currency and family history is precious.

Where do you get your images?

I frequent a lot of online auctions. I hope to start going to antique markets again, too.

Help! The image I downloaded isn’t right!

Let me fix it for you!

I check my files very carefully before loading them to the site, but once in a while something slips by and a web version of a file will scurry past my radar. I’ll happily replace that with the proper image. Just let me know!