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Simple Blank Postcard

This week I have a blank postcard for you. This one is relatively simple, with a little bit of ornamentation and a lovely example of an old typeface. Like most of my postcards, this one is at least 100 years old. It’s always really neat to find postcards that old that were never used! Ta-ta […]

Tiny Midcentury Kitten

It’s so cute! This kitten came from a midcentury birthday card. What a sweet little critter! She’s ready to go on adventures with you, are you up for the challenge? See you next week! Ta-ta for now, Mel P.S. To save, right-click on this image and hit ‘save as’. You can then choose where you […]

A peek at the Members Only site!

The Members Only site has been built and I’m gradually adding content. I briefly toyed with the Patreon WordPress plug-in, but decided against it because I didn’t like the idea of having to maintain two portals while sending people off-site to sign up. The current set-up allows you to register without having to hop onto […]

Gee Whiz! Old Car Postcard

An old Buick (new at the time), some fancy dress… what’s not to love? Just don’t run him over yet, ladies. This postcard is from the early 1900s! See you all next week! Ta-ta for now, Mel P.S. To save, right-click on this image and hit ‘save as’. You can then choose where you want […]

Antique Ephemera Postcard Back

What I like the most about old postcards is the writing. You’re able to see how writing styles have changed over the years, including what form of cursive was most common during different time periods. What I learned in grade school is far different from what a student in the early 1900s learned, and it […]

Beaux-Arts Postcard Back

The International Fine Art Company Ltd. comes up a lot in antique postcards. Do you think I can find any information about the company? No. No, not at all. From what I can gather, they were primarily active during the 1920s-1930s, but beyond that? Nada. Nothin’. Zip. Zilch. Perhaps someone out there on the internet […]

Duro Decal Envelope

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, decals were the in thing to use to decorate anything from your kitchen cabinets to your car. Okay, maybe not quite the car, but they were used everywhere. If you’re lucky enough to find old catalogues from this era, you have real honest-to-Gods treasure in your hands (and I’m […]

Little Girl With Bouquet

This is one of my favourite real photo postcards. The little girl’s stance, the way she holds the bouquet, her sort of bored expression—and the overall composition! It’s a lovely image. Real photo postcards are neat because they allowed anyone with a camera to make their own custom postcards. Imagine getting a postcard in the […]

Wedding Bride & Groom

Remember how I said last week that this card collection I purchased had a lot of wedding and bridal shower pieces? I wasn’t kidding! This vintage graphic is a happy bride and groom, with part of the bride’s dress made of glitter. Yes, really. You may be surprised at how often glitter shows up among […]

Midcentury Floral Birthday Card

Our first vintage graphic is a midcentury birthday card. This came from a batch of cards where the homeowner had kept a bunch of cards from their bridal shower, as well as cards given to her by her husband! How sweet! The little tiny flowers are embossed into the paper, and yes, that’s real fabric […]