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I’m Mel, the person behind the site and all the stuff that gets posted here.

After fighting with branding on another site for over a year I decided to settle here.

My favourite paper things are antique photographs and Halloween cards. I grew up on a steady diet of The Addams Family, Star Trek, and The Three Stooges, so that ought to give you an idea of some of my tastes. I collect Conan the Barbarian comics, enjoy playing MMOs and RPGs, and really like cats. I help my mom run a brick-and-mortar antiques & collectibles shop in Fenelon Falls, Ontario. Check it out at Treasures by the Locks (I built the site).

I can’t wait to properly cut my teeth on designing stuff again. I went to school for Multimedia Design and this little foray into business will be the first time in years that I’ve been able to put my knowledge to good use.